This kind of inquiry comes to us day-to-day from hundreds and a large number of ladies. We cannot give them as considerably information and facts as they may get from a reliable dealer, but we can point out to everyone who buys furniture a number of from the short-cuts to assured excellent.

In the initial location, concentrate on furnishings of American Walnut. There are other wonderful woods highest quality replica watches , needless to say, but there is no other which so combines very good taste, enduring stylishness, beauty and long life as does American Walnut .

In the second spot, appear for that furniture in which American Walnut is utilized for legs, for framework, and for panels. Such use of American Walnut is a guarantee of exceptional workmanship-for makers would not slight craftsmanship once they make use of the finest materials. And, "all-walnut" furniture is the very best probable assurance of lengthy life. The beauty of American Walnut panels is enduring-the interest and variety of figure, the mellowness of colour make American Walnut furnishings harmonious in any decorative scheme, charming in any setting.

In the third spot patek philippe watch copies , send to us for our forty-eight page booklet* that will offer you simple and constructive information with which you may often identity American Walnut and distinguish it from its substitutes. You are going to also uncover within this booklet interesting facts on the a variety of styles in furnishings, on building points to watch out for, and on the greatest approaches to hold furniture looking its very best in your own household. A copy is yours for the asking.


American Walnut Manufacturers Association

Room 2710, 616 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill.

* Please send me your brochure "The Story of American Walnut,"

"WHAT I Desire to KNOW -before I obtain furniture" (Mar, 1930)

"WHAT I Wish to KNOW -before I invest in furniture"

"I AM via with becoming sold furniture. Now I want to get some patek philippe replicas .

"I am no expert, even though I do know some thing about period styles and can tell a Queen Anne from a Sheraton at forty paces. But I need to know additional about workmanship, far more about supplies, far more regarding the value of furniture and not a lot about its price and also the 'agreeable arrangements for deferred payment'."

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